Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
This was my first ride in Helena and I had a great time. Everyone was very nice, the ride was fun and I will definitely be back next year.  The ride was well organized, started on time and even though I had not been there before, I did not feel lost at anytime.  By the way, the lunch was terrific! Please let the people know who made the lunch that their efforts were appreciated. Thanks again, and I will see you next year.
Sincerely,  Chris Hill

Just wanted to tell you and your team how much I enjoyed Sat's ride. This was my first time at the Tour da Delta and I truly enjoyed the whole event. I know it takes a great deal of time and effort by many people to put together a ride. Thanks so much to all. If possible, I will be back next year!
Charlie Jacob, LR

Just wanted to let you know that this years ride was better than Big Dam Bridge, Tour de Rock, and MS-150. Hope you guys do it again in 2010, because the value of this ride far exceeded all the others, and the other rides were very good.

I would say that you need to up the fee to $40 next year. The Scouts greeting everyone at Storm Creek, the bag to put your clothes in as it got warmer, rest stop on Southland Road, and of course the Barbecue were all outstanding items that made Tour da Delta the best ride of the year in the State of Arkansas and made me remember how special Helena and Helena people really are.

Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

Chris Schaffhauser,
Facility Engineering Manager
United Parcel Service, Inc.


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